Friday, November 9, 2012

"Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit." ~ Vince Lombardi

i finally found it... the spark or the mojo or the groove or whatever you want to call it... i found it tonight while shuffling through the tweets at my landing page... and after a long long time i felt the same way i felt years ago while watching those 'Reclaim Your Life' Tata Safari TVCs...

... writing a meaningful article on this blog was on 'To Do' list from quite some time... although i cannot promise that this article will turn out to be a meaningful for you... but then, i never promised it! ;-) or did i?

... “Keep your friends close and enemies closer” said the learned Sun Tzu, long long time ago… and clich├ęd as it may sound, this makes more sense in the current Red Ocean of Automobiles than good old times of ‘Leadership with Trust’ of Tata Motors... and before you start trolling with all your passion and spirit about me hinting the demise of the legendary JLR's owner... let me put it right... i'm not writing-off this company... yet!

... if Goldman Sachs says we've got potential then i believe we've got potential... and at the same time i believe there is always a danger of living in a state of delusion firmed with denial... seeing the recent trends, it can safely be said that the 'younger brother' is displacing us from # 3 rank far more often than what caused the initial saddening to our chairman... and perhaps to all of us...

... as if this was not enough to make us cringe... here comes their media onslaught... Live Young, Live Free

... Anand Mahindra one of the most active entrepreneur on twitter, tweeted about this video... and like one of the zillion other fans i pounced on the link... and after watching it, i'm sure that this year will no longer end the same way it was going to end... and no, i'm not going to do any of those things that you are thinking right now ;-)

... let's find our mojo back... amen!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Trouble teaches men how much there is in manhood." ~ Henry Ward Beecher

... it was a Friday (i guess) and we were dwelling upon the action plan for the list of 'issues' that were reported in RTSM meetings and CST meetings and IPTV data and what not... and i mentioned to my boss that i'm planning to take it off tomorrow... and things have never been the same since then!

... i took it off on Saturday and got my Indica Vista pampered at a local service station...another uneventful routine there... it always pains my heart to see some of the better products going awry in the market thanks to people who don't understand 'service'... and then it pains even more when i realize that there is an iota of contribution from me as well...rather, lack of contribution... but more on that on some other day... unless there's a public demand! ;-)

... that 'Saturday Off' was the first of many that were to follow this month... that very day i was told that i've been nominated to visit Kolkata a.k.a The City of Joy, for a Commercial UV's Customers' Survey... the travel itinerary sounded even more interesting when i realized that i will be in the city during the Navratris ... so there i was packing up for another weekend away from office, only this time it was ~1900 kms far in North-East direction! :-)