Saturday, February 27, 2010

...they are saying it is good budget for taxpayers, how can it be a good budget if i am still a taxpayer? ...

...for some reasons i cannot imagine Mr. Pranab Mukherjee as our Finance Minister ... i do not know why... anything related to budget or economy or money the first image that comes to my mind is that of Manmohan Singh... and second image is of Mr. Palaniapann Chidambaram (nah! he is the same P. Chidambaram we all know!) ... i guess this 'reflex' has something to do with my upbringing in the time when these 'legendary' finance gurus were ruling the roost ...

... anyways... he has given some respite to taxpaying mortals and then someone told me that with my recent 10% hike i should have more money in my hand ... i guess i am glad that i am single ... so no girlfriend/wife to spend money upon i can spend that money on myself and ofcourse on some of my friends ... but wait... for some reasons it is not that exciting as i thought it would be... hmmm...

... and while watching the re-run of 'The Proposal' ... i couldn't resist the temptation for searching this song ... if you haven't watched the movie, you haven't missed anything however couple of songs are worth listening again and again one of them is this one ... so enjoy

... also the opening scene has this (another) melodious song... and u can find the karaoke version on Youtube or watch it here:

... however one song that was a pleasant & surprise find during the search for the Gabe Dixon band can be found here

... i am running as fast as i can ... back to your big, brown, bedroom eyes ... yes it's true... i'll use no disguise...

Friday, February 26, 2010

... money is a great sweetener and it won't make u diabetic either...

... these late nite blog posts mess up my concept of time... what i feel i did today was technically done yesterday and so on... so i guess if i am posting the events without the regular sleep they must be narrated as happened in the same day ... rest can be left to the reader's discretion ... coming to the 'events' ...

... loud shouting woke me up today morning... and now that i am wiser from the other important events that happened later in the day, i can ignore the rabble rousers of the morning... i was on phone when i was supposed to catch an auto or bus to office... and when i was done with the phone call i realised i was running with very little margin to reach office... however i did reached JIT ... while most of the shift was on 'Autopilot' ... it was a call from RPR (who also happens to be my landlord) at around 1715 hrs that delivered the breaking news... i was with ASD trying to make sense of CRUISE calculations... and when RPR told me that our appraisal letters are arriving in our Inboxes... i quickly did a remote login to access my inbox... and there it was... "APAC update"! ... :)

... as they say ... money is a great sweetener and it won't make u diabetic either ... a reasonably good 10% hike is wat i got... the fine print is that our salary increase was 'frozen' from past one year and these increments will be applicable from Jan 2010... but hey! ... whoz complaining... infact we celebrated at our newly opened cafeteria... and boy oh boy! i am feeling so happy! ... i wish i could be with my family... :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

... close encounters of the third kind...

... if you are looking for the movie by that name click here... this is more about the 'encounter' i had yesterday nite... for the start ... this week i am in the lazy shift or more popularly known as the B shift ... it starts when half of the Injia is done with the daily chores ... and a large population is lazying around after the mid-day siesta ... while for some its tea time and others it's time to keep an eye on the wall clock... although it is always fun to wake up late in the morning and then take awl the time in the world to read that newspaper and then re-read that daily forecast that tells u that it is going to be another fantabulous day... for most of the days these predictions neva come true but still... it makes u feel good... rite?..

... anyways... it was a routine B shift ... you come to office and you wait for the handover of the Workstation ... you have tea ... you take note of the things that you were supposed to finish yesterday but couldn't do... and then you realise it is time for the evening snacks and after the 'punjabi samosa' (that was on the menu yesterday!) and a strangely smelling cuppa tea later you are back on the hot seat for the day's work... err... night's work... now our mini review was going good yesterday... but i was about to forget all this at the end of the shift... why? ...

... 2330 hrs and u know it's time to head 'home' ... i usually glance over the far side of the road while coming out of the ERC gate to see if there is any late nite shared auto available... and on majority of days there are many... however yesterday was different... like on many occasions some call-center cab would pull over to pickup mortals like me, so when a white safari pulled over for that very reason i only had a hitch ... 'a Safari??' ... there were 6 people packed in plus the driver... my guess was the driver was a bit drunk ... and surprisingly i cudn't smell a thing! ... anyway... i was startled when upon asking him to stop at my place he kept on driving and after a good one kilometer stopped at this major bus stand and while we all paid and got down he asked me to 'get back in the car' ... i wud have walked all the back home however he said he wud drop me on 'return' ...

... without much choice i decided to sit in that Safari and to my surprise the driver returned the fare and dropped me back without much fuss... now i wudn't mind these kind of trips (esp when i am getting the 'free ride'; however i don't want the surprise element on a daily basis!)...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

... the garden that you planted remains ...

if you haven't watched the movie Spread yet, just do it... and i am sure you will try to find this song... and also the lyrics... :

Good Morning Dear
I hope I didn't wake you too soon
Because my mind is growing tired
Too much thinking what I should do
I picture you out there
It must be beautiful this time of year
All those East Coast leaves
Floating round like embers from burning trees
Well the weather out here is just the same
But the garden that you planted remains.

Now it's only work
Each day bleeding into the next
Barely scraping by I tire myself out just so I can rest
But rest it rarely comes
And when it does I cannot go home
Because it's much too quiet
Seems that I'm not suited to being alone
And everyone around me's changed
But the garden that you planted remains.

I think about you
Maybe more than I should
But the smog is getting old
The drugs I'm taking aren't so good
So will you talk to me
Even though you've had a late night
Because I need a little help
Baby, tell me I'll be alright
Cause everything around me's changed
But the garden that you planted remains

"BLAMESTORMING. Sitting round in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible."

... i believe statistics has some mystical power, rather ability to project a picture which may have absolutely no resemblance to what may be the reality... so when this guy from the this dept i can't disclose showed me the result of the Gallop Survey of his group i immediately recognised why the change we all are expecting is not coming... surprisingly my group had a similar so called brainstorming session to discuss the fallout of the Gallop... the outcome was never disclosed... not even discussed...

... we are not giving the correct picture in the first place when we are answering the questions... second: we don't understand the the essence of questions in the format in which they were asked... third: we don't take these surveys seriously enough (which should explain the first reason) ... fourth: the results or the outcome is not shared with the team so we do not know weather anybody actually read these things (this explains third reason) ... fifth: by the time Top Management tells us that they realised that things needs improvement and then present the next 6 months' plan to do that ,we are either thrown another survey at our faces at or (usually) we just forget...

... the reason i am barbing about all this is because i attended the our company's Town Hall meeting yesterday... so now we have a 'mission statement' for ERC ... a pukka plan in terms of Customer Focus, Self Development, Finance and there was one more thing... i forgot! more importantly... the TTL employees will get salary increments... finally the Top guys realised that there IS anomaly in terms of the green paper they dole out on us... so i am feeling better and better ...

... as if this good news was not enough... i came to know that SSC is now a permanent employee of TML... YaM is joining a company that all North Indians working in Automobile sector would fight to work for... and if he joins in March... he becomes eligible for the salary revision in Apr... my Dad's and Nano are going along very good... he is on a driving spree in Dilli... my Mom is now driving as well! and my sis is taking Nano to her office! ... actually she drives to her office and mom drives the car back and dad is happy to give company... in short... things are going good! ...

... i am in dire need of wheels... and higher degree program... will get back on that soon... and I've been awake sine 3 in the morning and it's 4.20 ... must catch some sleep...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

..."Success in business, and in life, isn't about eliminating risks, it's about managing them"...

Something's in life never change,
Sometimes in life you don't find reasons,
Some moments in life aren't forgotten,
Sometimes you lose hope...
When time rolls by, you try to forget
What holds you on...
Some people in life are part of you,
And when you let them go,
You never lose them.
You find them living in you...

... spicy just called and asked me if i had breakfast! ... i smelled something fishy.... and he did some name dropping and asked me to come to office straight away... this bugger who has the brain of the size of a mosquito but surprising capability to play dirty politics ...

... anyway... i wokeup copla minutes ago ... have some real serious work to do at home... and have a personal life and just because he is not capable of doing his share of work, i should not bear the brunt! ...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...Main difference between photography as a passion and your bank deposit slips...

... finally the long awaited test drive was completed and i must say that i have spoiled myself by driving the monster Grande... why?... with Saffire's tillu engine and five 'healthy' adults she was out of it's breath with AC on... although i was trying to pull her on uphill on 3rd gear... still?? alright i am asking too much ... when shifted to 2nd she was fine and then merry in 3rd again...

... overall i am impressed with the vehicle and thanks to TeamBHP forums i can hope that Diesel is not going to be a good option for me... so this Thursday or Sunday mebbe... i shall proceed to the Dealer to book one of my biggest purchases in my life...

... and during my 'tweet chats' with Paavani few minutes ago... i was enlightened that she had slapped someone during our college days! ... those who know her can bet their stinking armpits that she can't do that... so i shall refer my sane side and shall sign off... hope to catchup with more exciting stuff... :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

..."the world's most sensible person and the biggest idiot both stay within us. the worst part is, you can't even tell who is who."...

... i finished the entire novel "Two States" in one sitting on Sunday ... i am not bragging or anything... it's just that i was 'reading' this on my laptop... and i made sure that i finish this in one go... so i logged out of all my chat clients... closed all the browser windows and no music... the phone was put in silent mode and there i was... 322 pages of the pdf document and i made it successfully!

... so my comments??
1) it is entertaining
2) the entire punjabi culture is a bit over the top (perhaps i felt that way coz i am not a punjabi)
3) i am in love with the name 'Ananya'
4) it has revived my 'love' for the 'south indian' beauties! ;-)
5) 5 points to Chetan!

... i am thinking to gift this book to my mom (for no apparent reason)...

... and this sales rep was supposed to call after arranging the demo car and guess what? still awaiting for his confirmation of the test drive... i guess he is testing my patience... this is a bit excruciating... only a bit...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

... dom sheldon is a cold man..

... and these buggers from MNS and other rabble rousers are real jerks!...

... visited Pandit Auto yesterday... told him that i am interested in Vista Saffire (LE) ... the sales guy was supposed to arrange a test drive today... and he forgot! ... no wonder we are at the bottom of the JD Power Review! ... we are not interested in the customer... we don't care if she wants our car... why not?... we don't explain them what they are getting!... what is the best thing about about our products... blah blah!!!

... i have so stupidly publicised my inclination towards buying a Vista that i am feeling some 'social pressure' over me! ... it's not that i am getting cold feet... it's just that the amount of paper work and logistics that is involved is just making me nervous! ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

..."There are two types of people in this world: good and bad. the good sleep better, but the bad seem to enjoy the waking hours much more"...

... watched the movie Spread yesterday... the concept was not that new... however the twist was good...

and this song from the album Everyday People (also by Nicole Muller ) ... used during the opening credits of Definitely, Maybe is real treat! ... the lyrics are down under:

Sometimes I'm right then I can be wrong
My own beliefs are in my songs
A butcher, a banker, a drummer and then
Makes no difference what group I'm in
I am everyday people

There is a blue one who can't accept
The green one for living with
a big one tryin' to be a skinny one
Different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby

Ooh sha sha
We gotta live together

I am no better and neither are you
We're all the same whatever we do
You love me you hate me
You know me and then
You can't figure out the bag I'm in
I am everyday people

There is a long man
That doesn't like the short man
For being such a rich one
That will not help the poor one
Different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on scooby dooby dooby

Ooh sha sha
We got to live together

There is a yellow one that won't
Accept the black one
That won't accept the red one
That won't accept the white one

Different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and
Scooby dooby dooby
Ooh sha sha
I am everyday people