Saturday, August 16, 2014

... "What is the Purpose of Your Visit?"...

"what is the purpose of your visit?" asked the serious looking immigration officer.

"to help the united states of America!" he answered...

if you've seen the movie English Vinglish then you would've chuckled at the follow-up of that dialogue as well...

film makers, on several occasions, have portrayed this scenario in a humorous and sometimes sarcastic manner... the scene smacks of arrogance from the questioning side and fear of rejection from the answering side...

there's a pool of 'right' words (or so i've been told!) and there's pool of 'flagged responses'... so (for example) you cannot say "coming here for work or looking for job" if you're on a specific Visa / work category...

now that made me thinking... what if we ALL have to answer the same question but in a slightly different manner and in slightly different context?

imagine, ALL of us, standing in front of that one supreme power, at one stage of our lifecycle and being asked "Have you fulfilled the purpose of your visit?"

what would your answer be?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

the title says it all.

i never felt anything like this before.

i never bared myself so much before.

i never received so much love before.

i never was so much sure about the future before.

i never was betrayed like this before.

i never was hurt so much before.

i never felt anything like this before.

the title says it all.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Mutual Respect and the Art of Throwing a Projectile"

so, i got this email from some king of some unpronounceable country in Africa (which i couldn't find on the Google Maps!) asking me to share my bank account number, so that he can give me some fat brokerage in USD, while buying some island near New Zealand ( although i wonder why he wants to buy an island! but then investment ke liye insaan kahin bhi zameen khareed sakta hai!)...

anyways, i told him i'll share my account number and also asked him if he has a daughter of marriageable age (if she happens to have a smart phone then that would be great although it's not a deal breaker!)...

and he sternly replied that details about his family is a 'privilege information' and he can't confirm or deny any thing... and i was like.. What The Fish!

so i told him my bank account number is also a privilege information and i can't share it!

and now i'm wondering if my emotions ruined a financial deal!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

"You haven't made any mistakes. You've always done the best you could with what you knew at that time."

two souls sharing the same roof may still lack the basic requirement of mutual respect. how else would you then explain the constant bickering and heart burns and piercing stares and rolling eyes and deafening silence?

there's so much that i want to write here but the words are shying away from my mind. while some of my fellow bloggers are getting the traction and are making a come back, i'm sitting at this desk in a corner of my room. there's no one to disturb me. no one except my solitude.

Friday, March 7, 2014

"...Fear is not an emotion. It's a disease..."

recently, i read in an online article that people who have bad ugly handwriting are actually brimming with creativity! and not only that, ugly handwriting also indicates an independent thinking ability. now, all this makes me feel very good about myself and i'm sure you won't find it difficult to guess why! ;-) 

however, the article also mentioned that ugly handwriting indicates a certain amount of emotional baggage and low self esteem or insecurity and emotional volatility. in my humble opinion, this sounds scarier than it actually is. but then, this opinion of mine can be a result of self consolation. a kind of trigger that we all generate when we are on a defense. we go in a justification mode of reasoning and try to argue out the critical observations made on ourselves.

such duel of thoughts tires my mind and stresses me out and i guess it's just part of the bigger cycle of emotions that usually follows every time i do an introspection. to cut the long story short, i must learn to tone down my excitement, my enthusiasm, my desire and passion towards people (and some materialistic things!)... i end up doing silly things and asking stupid questions that i think puts off other person in the conversation.

is it possible that i've yet to achieve some kind of emotional maturity? or this could be a facade that my subconscious creates to prevent myself opening up too soon in front of people? so that before i end up all exposed, i let the other fellow 'tune out' and already start disliking me?

 i think it's a mixture of both. but then, who am i to know the matters of mind? it's my heart that does the decision making for me. or at least that's what i think. i may have landed in trouble or badly hurt or felt dejected or mildly depressed just because i let my heart do the 'talking', i'm still letting it call the shots... at least for the time being... till then, pizza is what will comfort me!

"you can't break me any more, for i've been crushed already!"