Sunday, October 13, 2013

"... I don't know you, but I'm going to find out..."

As usual, the Sunday started late. the phone was already beeping with some of the messages and one missed call form a friend of mine. i remembered dreaming about cleaning up my house and today being dussera (or is it tomorrow?) i knew it had to be done. so i jumped from my bed and initiated a series of actions that are needed to be done in any given morning. and then i started with the Operation SpideyKill.

... as the afternoon was setting up, i knew i was only slightly behind the 'normal' Sunday schedule and so with laundry all set on the Fuzzy Mode i was online... a minor blip occurred when i tried to mediate by leveraging my position between the two fractions of my family, separated by geography and age and maturity... didn't go that smoothly... with mild anger and bitter feelings i had to resort to my way of dealing with such unpleasantness... i fired up my music player, closed my eyes and listened to Armin Van Buuren... it helped...

... and after a while, i was on Hindustantimes' website and landed on this article under 'The Big Story' where they've argued how three seemingly unrelated stories happening miles away are affecting India... the Syrian Crisis, Sino-Jap face-off and Obama's decision to pull of the military from Afganistan... just couple of paras into the article and i slept into my daydreaming mode (it happens all the time! although this may be the first time i'm mentioning it!!)... i thought (of myself as a representative of India) visiting Japan and telling their political leaders that we (Indians) are now sick and tired of all this fighting and stuff. so let's help each other in building stronger civilizations and while we may not be able to reciprocate the help provided by Japs in the same capacity, we will make it with our generosity and gratitude...

... and not to forget a public appearance to appeal my fellow countrymen to conserve our natural resources just like the United States of America. i imagined myself in a TV studio making a case for this comparison... "the americans are sitting on the depositary of oil and other such natural resources and the arabs are happy because they are getting all the money to build ice skating rinks in the middle of a dessert! we should be a better nation with the wisdom for not spending the money in such a wasteful manner..."

... and now it's evening, i'm feeling hunger pangs and a craving for tea as well... so, it was nice blogging here! :-)