Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Mutual Respect and the Art of Throwing a Projectile"

so, i got this email from some king of some unpronounceable country in Africa (which i couldn't find on the Google Maps!) asking me to share my bank account number, so that he can give me some fat brokerage in USD, while buying some island near New Zealand ( although i wonder why he wants to buy an island! but then investment ke liye insaan kahin bhi zameen khareed sakta hai!)...

anyways, i told him i'll share my account number and also asked him if he has a daughter of marriageable age (if she happens to have a smart phone then that would be great although it's not a deal breaker!)...

and he sternly replied that details about his family is a 'privilege information' and he can't confirm or deny any thing... and i was like.. What The Fish!

so i told him my bank account number is also a privilege information and i can't share it!

and now i'm wondering if my emotions ruined a financial deal!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

"You haven't made any mistakes. You've always done the best you could with what you knew at that time."

two souls sharing the same roof may still lack the basic requirement of mutual respect. how else would you then explain the constant bickering and heart burns and piercing stares and rolling eyes and deafening silence?

there's so much that i want to write here but the words are shying away from my mind. while some of my fellow bloggers are getting the traction and are making a come back, i'm sitting at this desk in a corner of my room. there's no one to disturb me. no one except my solitude.