Tuesday, June 7, 2011

‎"All men profess honesty as long as they can. To believe all men honest would be folly. To believe none so is something worse." ~ John Quincy Adams

... i've been put into the regular 'G' shifts now... so no more 'A'-'B'-'G' rotation... apparently, my boss recommended for the permanent 'G' shifts! ... and eyes have started rolling again... but then... boys will be boys!... sharry is pretty upset about this and i am waiting for June the Thirteenth! ... until then... i am keeping my desk cleaned and fingers crossed...

... in another (unrelated) development, i will be submitting my 'documents' to this Uni for the Masters program i've been invited for... going back-to-college was not exactly i was looking forward to after i completed my engineering graduation, but as Chitz observed here you cannot ignore the worrying aspects of not making into the list declared by the competitive exam conducting authority! ... big words i am using today... my point is: there is a rat race... a mindless and numb follow-the-crowd movement... or the so called 'herd-mentality'...

... you can run away but you can't hide... nor ignore... you cannot remain insulated... and if you are on the run, you will be looked down upon... as someone who is not coming to terms with reality ... and i've heard this before and more importantly realised even earlier than when i was first told about my actual potential ... so now that my name is on the list... i must prepare myself for the mental gruelling and physical endurance... and while my 'partner-for-life' is 'out-of-coverage-area' i must 'keep-walking' ... amen

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