Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"...the quality of our emotions is responsible for the quality of our relationships..."

... a friend posted a video ad of The Hindu on FB last week... and then more real (and fake) news started generating on the internet... my take on the content is that The Hindu's response to the TOI Ad was a bit 'knee jerk' reaction... a little... umm... immature? ... i mean... they could have responded by doing nothing... i know this opinion can make some people uncomfortable... "How can you NOT respond to such onslaught?"... i agree... there could be some serious business implications by not responding to competitors' moves... especially   when the balance hangs by a thread in favor of no particular entity... but then... you don't have to feel uncomfortable *every* time someone makes a move... it won't help the cause and i am sure your ability to keep an eye and agility in taking business decisions will be more important than simply responding in advertisements...

... but then... i am not here to discuss all this!... i am here with a lingering thought, rather chain of thoughts, after reading this blog post by GarryZ on Gender Disparity... the fact is: there's a major gap AND it's widening. however, there's an underlying trend... the creme-de-la-creme of the socio-economic ladder is viewed as the pious lot... educated people have wider exposure towards everything and lower strata of this hierarchy is often blamed for this mess...

... IMHO this is not correct... i've seen, met, interacted (and argued!) with many of the professionally qualified people i came across in my social circles... and they do NOT shy away from expressing the desire of a male heir!... "tu nahi samjhega!" is often their punch line... and with a sly smile they remind me that i've yet to enter the famed institution before i can even talk about children... does that mean our thoughts change after circling around agnidev seven times? i don't know! i hope not!

... but then... i have another blessing upon me... and that shall keep me favoring a girl child! ;-)

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