Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"The means of livelihood depend not on the virtues, but the vices of others" ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton


there u r! if u're reading this then u either want to know "why?" part or the "STILL" part (there's a third possibility that u r really happy to see me posting after long time on KNOME, but i will discount that theory!)... and chances are u r from that HR department... maybe not, maybe u stumbled across this KNOME thing and found my post... or u could be part of a bigger sinister campaign from a Sim(b)le politician who is keeping (at least trying to) a sharp eye on every thing that goes on the internet...wait! we are not on the internet. right? wrong! i just realized that we actually are... so! there u go! i'm putting a huge risk by posting this thing online. but then, we all do, right from the moment we step out of our bed... or double bed or whatever... risk is not bad, not mitigating the risk is... but that is beside the point.

"what's ur point?" u may ask... well! first of all, i can't believe u reached this far! but now that i know u have plenty of time (in the office!... u don't do KNOME at home... there are better things to do. no?) i must take *my* own time to make my point (whatever it is!)... and if u r reasoning that even i have plenty of free time in office since i posted this and not Sim(b)ly pasted it from some lame email forward or some website or anything such media... guess what? u r right on ur money! Ha! there! i said that! now more risk!!

let's move our thoughts from risk to...ummm... ah... well... u know... sustainability? nah! there is enough sustenance on this section... lemme churn my redundant grey cells... u get ur tea in the meantime, presuming u r reading this during the tea break! no tea break yet? get a coffee or something... no coffee machine? Ha! u r definitely not from the HR ;-)

anyways, after the crisp Bombay Khari and Tea, i'm feeling better... but that also means i'm finding it difficult to get on the same train of thought with the same intensity as i was riding on earlier... what i'm hinting is that it's time to stop and ponder...some call it retrospection, others name it introspection (while some are still stuck witht he notion of inspection!)... and as my financial management prof says: "Guys! Think for a moment."

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