Friday, August 3, 2012

"Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself." ~ Thomas J. Watson

... history always amazes me; especially when it is portrayed in a form of a motion picture with important characters played by talented Hollywood actors... no, seriously! it becomes far more compelling and believable in that form... even though this form of portrayal is often a result of biases, omissions, false representation of history, overly dramatization of events... you get the point...*and* almost everyone is aware of this... the director , producers, actors, critics and even the intended audience... and yet, it remains one of the finest medium to make most of us informed (if i must use that word) about what shaped the world and why we are the way we are at macroscopic whenever i feel the need to go through a cycle of emotional atyachaar, i turn towards some of the flicks i have mentally 'earmarked' for leisure watching...

... and then it becomes interesting... every time i go through the list of movies that i feel i should watch, i end up watching something that was almost never on my mind earlier... usually it is the result of my laziness from extended thinking or sometimes plane convenience of 'random selection' or sometimes a combination of both in some 'random' proportion... alright! enough of random rants!... this particular post was in draft for about... umm... a month? or so! and today i got some time to pour in a pinch of masala into it... or maybe not... adding masala is usually not something i look forward to (i get enough of it in my lunch!; and NO i don't bring tiffin at work!)... so, i'll try to do what i usually intend to do while i'm at my blog...

... and that means i've to come up with something unique or original or funny or interesting or profound or cool or something simply captivating for the reader... i mean you! and here's the thing... if you've read this far... i've already succeeded... and by some logic that translates to happiness... so i'm successful AND happy; which by another strange logic translates to being content!... wow! now, this is turning out to be a great post! isn't it? ... here i am, sitting in front of my Thinkpad, continuing from an old post that i left at one-and-a-half paragraph, about a month ago and feeling successful, happy and content! beat that!

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