Monday, October 22, 2012

"It is never until one realizes that one means something to others that one feels there is any point or purpose in one's own existence." -Stefan Zweig

... i guess... it's time has come... i mean this post's time... it's been sitting in the 'draft' for months... blank... just like the state of my mind for most of the time and probably it would've remained in the draft... had it not "she looked like diana hayden" kind of messages that i received... it put me into some sort of familiar misery... the one that i often try not fall into.. and AVP was not helping... "she's hell of a personality, hats off!" he messaged again!...  but then, he is not supposed to help... i knew she was intelligent and smart and always looked charming... well, maybe this is just a distraction and i shouldn't digress...

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