Wednesday, March 17, 2010

..." I don't care if you don't like me...I wasn't put on this Earth to please You!"...

Sometimes, Sorry means
It's Not My Fault, It's Yours;
Accept It, It will make me feel Better.

Sometimes, Good Night means
Don't keep the phone yet, I want to talk more.

Sometimes, Take Care means
I am not well and need to be cared for.

Sometimes, Disconnecting a Phone call means
I am upset, but call me back...

Sometimes, Me Looking at You means
I love you more than anything in this world,
and I may never say this loud enough...


  1. ABSOLUTELY RIGHTTTT..... Phew... Thank God there's one guy who understands this...


  2. very nice.. I loved this so much that I sent this as an sms to 2-3 very close friends of mine

  3. ... to be honest... i have added only last 'para'... the rest was a forwarded SMS...

  4. :-/

    pehle batana tha na...mai bhram me thi tht thrz atleast one guy who undrstands the unspoken...but alas!!!