Saturday, June 26, 2010

..."comfortably numb"...

… wokhay! … so i am tagged (again!) ... saying that i’ve been tagged sounds like saying i am a dog or something, but then it is less damaging to your self-esteem and other related emotions and physiological and psychological responses of your body to say it in the former way! …

… to complete this tag all i have to do is answer the questions which the ever elusive, legendary and immensely popular with kids and married women alike, the one and only, the big daddy of all, the chosen one… our very own the bald guy (originally?) asked on his blog and then tagged chanz … who in turn very cleverly tagged ‘who-ever reads this post’… btw i translated the full form of TBG in hindi and then realized it is more respectful if i keep thy ‘name’ in angrezi

… now… after completing the tag the person is supposed to come-up with different questions and tag more innocent docile unaware (cute?) seductively charming handsome (bald??) sad frustrated loving caring busy indifferent ignorant elusive talkative friendly lazy hyper psycho blah blah blah blah people (chose your pick!) … who will bear the curse of the falling rain drop if they don’t complete it by answering these (or even more weird* questions!)…

… so here are my responses… may my crush bless me with her love and affection…

1. what one material thing are you hoping/ scoping to inherit?
ans: a house. you want the details? … well… i hope some architect reads this … preferably a female (they are more creative that’s why! wipe off that smile from your cute face!)… please please please!

2. you're driving. it's great weather. attractive member of opposite sex in expensive car looks at you and half-smiles. you're in a relationship. do you return the look and half-smile back?
ans: why not? a smile has nothing to do with ‘you r in a relationship’ blah! blah! blah!... btw which car? ;-)

3. can't smell or can't taste? for six months, and if you had to chose, would you rather lose your sense of smell or not be able to taste anything?
ans: the smell. don’t remember i smelled anything worth smelling in a long time (… trust me i haven’t and if your heart is melting… send me some flowers!) … i mean… even the food from mess/office canteen/cafeteria/hotel is not that good smelling… now it tastes okay… but then that is the only reason it makes it to my intestines…

4. pick a situation
a. you're 42. would you rather go without sex for three years and win a lottery after that, enabling you to never have to work again? or
b. get twice the lottery money now (at 42) but have your partner sleep with your boss?
ans: the first one. anyone suggesting the second option to me will rest in peace.

5. what's a quicker turn off, bad pronunciation or maroon lipstick?
ans: maroon? yuck! eew! aargh! aaiaaiyo! illa! grrr! … you got the answer?? ;-)

6. would you rather your kid turn out to be a nymphomaniac or gay? (for my amusement, please answer in the format: i would rather my kid be ---)
ans: i would rather my kid be a nymphomaniac.

7. for which one thing have you not forgiven your mother?
ans: ah! can’t think of anything!...

8. would you rather go bald or lose your front tooth?
ans: bald! can’t live a toothless life! and now i know tbg is missing front tooth! ;-)

9. your sibling is sleeping with your married close friend. who do you go to first, sibling or married close friend?
ans: married friend first…

10. when was the last time you cried that wasn't while watching a movie?
ans: long long time ago… (unless you count the ‘almost’ category!)…

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