Friday, September 3, 2010

..."Stupidity is permanent; ignorance can be fixed."...

... it was refreshing to get a message from Chitz... my perception about her is of one reclusive blogger, probably because she has far better things to do in life than to type endlessly about the day's or week's saga... ;-) ... and all she 'said' was that i am tagged!... now u might have read my 'reaction' on being tagged earlier so i won't repeat that... on the brighter side, it feels good to know that at least some stranger is kind enough to remember and send a message across! ... :-) ... so to complete the tag here are 3x7 things about myself....

3 places i would pack my travel bag for

I spent considerable 'impressionable' time of my life in Simla (also called Shimla)... and given a chance i would love to go there again (pity it is not the same anymore!)... would love to add more hilly and cold destinations especially European ones ... then in the second place, with some mystic charm, comes the Arabic countries including countrysides of Afghanistan ... and in the third place is the bright and sunny Greece ... with colorful landscape and winding roads to unwind ur mind...

3 On-Screen characters i love to watch

... quite difficult to list down three... i like the characters who portrait loving and caring and devoting relationship... in thick and thin of life... i think i have posted some characters in one of the earlier post... okay okay they were only of the women characters but then u should get some idea na?

3 moods that describes me the best

attached - when with my family and some close friends
detached- when with people i know are back-stabbers and snobs
happy- this is usually all the time... i can't let this life ruin my time spent on this planet! ;-)

3 things i always think of doing on a weekend... but never did.. :)

clean my house, join the gym and go for a long drive with friends...

3 things from my childhood that i cant forget

cassette cover of Neil Diamond and the tape reorder, my sky blue bicycle, my toy car with doors that would open!!

3 things i wud never say no to

food, usually sweet one!; quiet time spent alone or with someone i can't write name of; being a sounding board to friends and family

3 things i cant live without

internet, books and pizzas (i am trying to cut down on the third item and haven't eaten one since past one month!)

... and i have done away with the tag rules... why? arre! meri marzi! ... if u do feel like sharing these trivia about urself then u r welcome! :-D

while i try to figure out way forward in my life and my next post ::
Your patience may have long to wait,
Whether in little things or great,
But all good luck, you soon will learn,
Must come to those who nobly earn.
Who hunts the hay-field over
Will find the four-leaved clover.


  1. :(

    I came all the way to your blog to check if my name is there in the tag or not...and there isn't any name :'(

  2. Thankx for completing the tag..n we do have a common liking for cold destinations..:)