Wednesday, September 1, 2010

..."You Look Good, I am Fine. Thank You!"...

... it's goin'to be a fine night tonight, it's goin' to be a fine day tomorrow ... i am so neck deep in such trivial (or so they seem!) matters right now, that i can't think straight about things that are more important in my life...

... i need peace ... love ... care... and maybe a shoulder to keep my aching neck happy... i need a break and if i were to face God right now... oh-boy! She will have to face some real anger from me, the mortal! ... She better remain engaged in some more un-worldly work...


  1. :( it'll not going to be a fine night tonight. Its not going to be a fine day tomorrow.. not for me..

    he must be thinking the same thing abt me, "She will have to face real anger from me. She better remain engaged..".. :( Sob Sob.. m liking it.. :(

  2. oye! cheer up gal!! it is September! and there is atleast one good thing about September! ;-)

  3. u r visit my blog..:)

  4. I LOVED this post...cos I am EXACTLY in such a situation too :P

    hope things get better for You, Me and Chanz :)