Wednesday, January 26, 2011

... "We are but older children, dear, Who fret to find our bedtime near"...

... it is getting drab ... and for some reasons the new editor i am using in this blog is NOT letting me keep the posts in the order i want them to be in!... sheh! ... this is going to add to the frustration ... and i am not in that magnanimous mood of mine to let it go just like that! ...

... anyway ... who can stop the post whose time has come! ;-) ... it is forty minutes past midnight and i returned from office about an hour ago... and just when i was about to park my vista i noticed a rangoli at the front gate ... and then another interesting figure on my ODO ... now since i still don't own a camera phone (yet!) ... so i have missed some earlier milestones ... but this one was easy to capture ... so all i had to do was click! :-)


  1. whoa.. i guess i have been away from blogger since "really long".. I don't know wen u changed this theme, but I so so so love it...

    n where is the rangoli..?? I don't see any picture.. :(

    New editor..?? where..?? which one..?? Why don't I have it on my account..??

  2. @ chanz: well! i changed the theme only couple of days ago! so... u didn't miss much! :-p ... and as for the images i guess i uploaded them on the FB and then i forgot linking 'em here... gosh! it's been quite some time since i got some feedback here! :-) ... and as for the editor... i saw this option in the settings ... though i have reverted to the old editor... u take care and keep blogging and keep smiling! :-D