Wednesday, December 21, 2011

..."Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography."... ~ Robert Byrne

well... it's that time of the year again... and it's been quite a while i've put down anything here... so why not club some of the random thought that come fast and wild in the mind and then intertwine to make that seamless dream... which then blends with the life, as we know it... as i said ... it's been quite while... and it's been an eventful year... not only on a personal note but also for the masses... in fact, Time's person of the year is the Protester... yep!! u read it right!! The Protester!

... and while Santa is doing a final inventory check with all the gifts he has to deliver on this part of the planet, i am busy trying to figure out some of the lesser questions... now i have my own reason to believe that Santa is not very much interested in dropping by my place this Christmas, partly because i've got no fireplace and thus no chimney for him to slide down or drop the goodies... and then this property is not in my name either... and then he don't speak no local language... and since he can very well be classified as a 'migrant', he runs the risk of being shoo-ed away by some burly stinky effing goon who might be lurking around this corner of this great nation of this planet! phew!

... which by itself is not a bad thing... i mean, shooing away people... we all do that... all the time... those kids and their ilk on the traffic lights... and maybe those autowallas... those overtly friendly bus passenger... and whom not... and if i really try real-hard i may come up with some more examples... but then this space is precious... so i will try to beat around the bush some more... which reminds me of those innocent days when bush meant the bush and not The Bush ... when i waited under those giant twin peepal trees in that sunny morning for my school bus and when i returned in the afternoon they were gone! chopped-off and cleared for the 'flyover' that was now to be built over that road...

... may be, it was the good thing to do... may be it was not... over the time we tend to 'develop' views that take care of those of our fellow sapiens... and we think this is probably a good thing... may be it is... may be it is not... but then, who's the judge?

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