Saturday, November 19, 2011

... "... humans are made to tell the stories..."...

"humans are made to tell the stories" said the wise Professor Masa Inakage... and i can't put it more simply than that... what i feel is that humans and stories are more-or-less two faces of the same coin ... i guess it was understood eons ago by 'early human prototypes' and that explains the paintings on the walls that our archaeologists found and which they keep on finding... the other day i spotted a post from one of the blogger i follow ... it was about DU revoking some article by Ramanujan on Ramayana... now the only reason i decided to do some research on that story was that i had watched 'Good Will Hunting' the previous night and the famous Indian Mathematician Ramanujan was mentioned in that movie... so in my naivety i thought this Ramayana article was actually written by the mathematician Ramanujan... i thought it will definitely make an interesting read... i mean... here is this guy who can deduce an entire series of formulated numbers by simply seeing a taxi cab number AND he has written an article on Ramayana as well!! ... now that would be cool!!...

... but alas! Google spoiled my blissful state of mind... ignorance wala bliss!... this was some other Ramanujan ... the article however was captivating... and went down quite well with me... and of course i can understand why the rabble rousers behaved the way they did! ... but then... all i feel is pity on their ignorance and stupidity... and yes, i am a hypocrite (sometimes!) ;-)

[edit: this was in the drafts for about a month or so!... setting this article free now! :-) ]

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