Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The future has not happened yet. So there's absolutely no reason to be negative about it."

"...if you fill garbage in, garbage will come out..." she said, holding that mic in her hands... she is audible in any case but she has some fixation with the mic thing... i was still in sorta trance... her shrilling voice was not helping my frayed nerves... my body wanted some rest and my mind was reminding me this on a continuous basis... skipping classes was the last thing i could do... especially after taking a laung vacation... laung as in Nissan Sunny Caaaar... so i tried my best to keep my eyes open and ear shut in the lecture... though i was not much successful doing both the things at the same time...

... and then i realized it was not her! it was the lack of air conditioning that was making me feel uncomfortable... so i asked her to switch the AC... my batch mates gave me *that* look! ... thanks to the guy from Symantec my request got some more weightage... but she obliged... and we all had a sigh of relief... reminded me of the advert being shown on the TVs... i guess of 'Tata Sky'... we need to shed our inhibitions and gather some courage to 'speak' out... this courage should not be confused with 'shouting' out... which is very often the case...

... i know this is not making sense but then who said it was supposed to?

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