Sunday, January 1, 2012

"I'm a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy." ~ J. D. Salinger

in any case, it was planned to visit AMG for luncheon, and i was on my way for that light breakfast and then...  i got this phone call... now the thing is that my phone screen has gone kaput (thanks to brawn power of a local manoos!) and there is no way i can make out who's calling... so... i had to take that call... and then... i heard one of the most cheerful voice on my phone after a laung laung time!!... and i *knew* it was NikkiZ... BUT... this lady was startled when i addressed in my usual manner (of addressing NikkiZ) and i sensed some awkward murmur on the other side... it wasn't NikkiZ ... and now my mind was running zillion Google searches simultaneously matching that voice and names and faces of people i could think of who can call with such exuberance... it took me close to one complete second in apologizing and confessing my predicament and inability to identify the caller... i was so embarrassed... i have a reputation of correctly identifying people in such circumstances...

it was JyoZ, and this was one pleasant surprise... she later told me that she was calling from RadZ's phone simply to (sort of) ambush the friends...  i decided to pull-over and catch up with her and of course her hubby as well... talking with them made me realized (once again) why har-ek-friend-zaroori-hota-hai!!

and even though there are (like) million things coming in my mind that i want to put here... i must succumb to one of the most important activity we mortals have to perform... sleep!!

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