Tuesday, July 3, 2012

“Beauty and seduction, I believe, is nature’s tool for survival, because we will protect what we fall in love with.” ~ Louie Schwartzberg

... mornings are a great time to think and reflect and contemplate and introspect... provided u get up early enough to think and reflect and contemplate and introspect... mornings are also very very busy time for your brain to function in a coherent manner... there is way too much of churning going in the brain in the mornings... which doesn't sound as good as it actually is... remember what they say about morning workouts? it's good for the body... well... if it is good for the body then it ought to be good for the brain, no?

... if you are thinking "what a crap!" then probably i've done my job well... your brain is giving the right signals to you... ;-) ... the thing is, i went to bed at around 0100 hrs and yet ended up waking at 0530 hrs! can u believe that? i mean... here i am... well awake and listening to some bird chirping in the neighborhood and no alarms and no 'hangover' and no dizzy dizzy feeling whatsoever... what do i do? i start this blog post... and if u r thinking that i really have no better things to do in life, then perhaps we don't know each other or perhaps you know me quite very well :-)

... anyways, i met Sid in his office yesterday and had a pretty lengthy chit-chat on usual guys' stuff... although we had to keep women and sports away from the conversations... we were in office na!... which essentially means we were restricted to talk on the work related stuff... it was not as boring as it sounds here... he's part of the marketing team focusing on any country except his own... and he's very much interested in honing up his academics, specifically related to the field he is in... and if you are wondering why i'm telling you all this it's because that was exactly the common ground that we hit upon... and we spoke close to two hours on how to go about the professional challenges that we are facing as individuals... in short, it was a good 'touching base' session (i really don't like that jargon, but still)...

... and i just realized it's morning time... time to finally get up and do something more productive! ;-)

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