Sunday, March 2, 2014

"One day someone is going to hug you so tight, that all of your broken pieces will stick back together."

I'm late. at about 2 in the morning i was blabbering on FB about writing a blog post. and not only i made a passing reference about my blog to Husky (not real name!) i also made a proclamation on my wall and the icing was that i tagged one of the oldest visitor of my blog who also happens to be an exceptional writer in addition to being an artist (if my memory is serving right!).

why I'm mentioning it here? i dunno. if you've read my previous posts you will see the pattern. there's a good possibility that i wanted to write about one thing and ended up writing about something totally different. and of course you can never guess what exactly i was trying to write about! this is not new. at least for me. the multitudes of thoughts and feelings that flood my mind can freeze my brain.

one possible reason could be that I'm merely trying too hard to put something here. for the sake of putting something here. maybe i do not have talent to put down my thoughts in a coherent manner. maybe my thoughts are never coherent. maybe I'm too harsh on myself. there are other important things that i should focus on. like making more money. getting married. raising a family. taking care of my aging parents. i guess this is sounding like a rant of Raju Rastogi and probably it is.

i think i need some more time to work on these things. or a call of action. self motivation? or maybe i just need a push. or tight slap? or sleep maybe. i think i should order a pizza. i think. at least there's someone in the family who's returning home! :-)

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  1. a lot of "may be"s and "I think" but 'I guess' it is a good try to get back to what you are good at...happy regular writing...even if it is a couple of posts a month... :)
    And Thank You! :D