Friday, July 16, 2010

..."If you're gonna ask someone to save the world, you'd better make sure they like it the way it is."...

... falling in love with someone ... want to fall in love with someone ... want someone to fall in love with you... what am i missing here? ...

..."it's complicated!" ... over the years i have met numerous people... i liked something or the other in them... i remember something or the other about them... i felt good when i met them ... i feel good that i met them... and wonder how they wud react if i they stumble across me around that corner...

... my school teachers(*)... my class mates from my first two standards (because i changed school afterwards...) ... my cousins living in distant lands... i wanted to write the names of awl those whom i remember from my early days of existence... however i realized that it may intrude into their privacy ... and besides it will be quite a huge list... so to make-up for the loss ... i am listing some of the 'screen names' of the characters played by some of the female artists in movies...

... the list is not exhaustive and if u have seen the movies or know about the characters then u can get some indication about the women i feel something for... ;-) ... don't spend too much time here...

> Summer in "Definitely, Maybe"
> Lorri in "The Rookie"
> Elena in "The Mask Of Zorro"
> Shalini in "Dil Chahta Hai"
> Isabel in "The Fountain"
> Romila in "Lakshya"
> Angela in "Constantine"
> Heather in "Spread"
> Rachael in "About a Boy"
> Hypatia in "Agora"
> Julia in "Original Sin"
> Tessa in "The Constant Gardener"
> Rachel in "The Batman Begins"
> Layla in "The Recruit"
> Illeana in "Taking Lives"
> Finn in "How To Make An American Quilt"
> Trinity in "The Matrix"
> Persephone in "The Matrix Reloaded"
> Malena in "Malena"
> Actress in "New York, I Love You"
> Isabelle in "The Dreamers"

.... i hope to keep this a rolling list of artists... keep reminding me about that...

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