Tuesday, December 1, 2009

..."The World Needs Music"...

... while it is good that one should strive to meet people from diverse geography, with different even opposite viewpoint; one should not under any circumstances lose contact with those who accepted you long before you realised what it is all about in life...

... just got off from phone ... Ms.OT is still recovering ... dad is as usual busy with retired life... and mom made one very exciting proposal rather it was my challenge that she accepted...

... inspired by this post she said that she will be coming to my place in Nano along with the trunk which is something that i despise! ... so i told her if she did that i will give a reward of 50K ... and after some negotiations here is the complete challenge:

1) she along with dad and sis and rusty old trunk will travel by road in our Nano sometime in April
2) upon successful completion of the trip i will pay 50K per head(!)
3) i get to keep the Nano for me
4) they return by Rail! :)

...why? now all of us have another crazy idea to talk about! ... now i bet i will not be paying anything... atleast i hope that way! :)

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