Thursday, February 25, 2010

... close encounters of the third kind...

... if you are looking for the movie by that name click here... this is more about the 'encounter' i had yesterday nite... for the start ... this week i am in the lazy shift or more popularly known as the B shift ... it starts when half of the Injia is done with the daily chores ... and a large population is lazying around after the mid-day siesta ... while for some its tea time and others it's time to keep an eye on the wall clock... although it is always fun to wake up late in the morning and then take awl the time in the world to read that newspaper and then re-read that daily forecast that tells u that it is going to be another fantabulous day... for most of the days these predictions neva come true but still... it makes u feel good... rite?..

... anyways... it was a routine B shift ... you come to office and you wait for the handover of the Workstation ... you have tea ... you take note of the things that you were supposed to finish yesterday but couldn't do... and then you realise it is time for the evening snacks and after the 'punjabi samosa' (that was on the menu yesterday!) and a strangely smelling cuppa tea later you are back on the hot seat for the day's work... err... night's work... now our mini review was going good yesterday... but i was about to forget all this at the end of the shift... why? ...

... 2330 hrs and u know it's time to head 'home' ... i usually glance over the far side of the road while coming out of the ERC gate to see if there is any late nite shared auto available... and on majority of days there are many... however yesterday was different... like on many occasions some call-center cab would pull over to pickup mortals like me, so when a white safari pulled over for that very reason i only had a hitch ... 'a Safari??' ... there were 6 people packed in plus the driver... my guess was the driver was a bit drunk ... and surprisingly i cudn't smell a thing! ... anyway... i was startled when upon asking him to stop at my place he kept on driving and after a good one kilometer stopped at this major bus stand and while we all paid and got down he asked me to 'get back in the car' ... i wud have walked all the back home however he said he wud drop me on 'return' ...

... without much choice i decided to sit in that Safari and to my surprise the driver returned the fare and dropped me back without much fuss... now i wudn't mind these kind of trips (esp when i am getting the 'free ride'; however i don't want the surprise element on a daily basis!)...


  1. hmmm... interesting!!! Dint you ask him why he returned the money...after all ghoda ghaans se dosti karega toh khayega kya?? ;)

  2. ... it was late, i was tired, he was (probably) drunk, his hindi was okay and my marathi sucks... so in short: i didn't care... i was glad i travelled in Safari and was left with no harm... :)

  3. Thats pretty scary, especially when asking for lifts from unknown people.

  4. @Haddock: i never ask for lift... it's just that during B shifts usually a cabbie wud offer a ride to make some quick bucks and since there is safety in numbers i took a calculated risk... turned out to be a memorable ride! :)