Friday, February 26, 2010

... money is a great sweetener and it won't make u diabetic either...

... these late nite blog posts mess up my concept of time... what i feel i did today was technically done yesterday and so on... so i guess if i am posting the events without the regular sleep they must be narrated as happened in the same day ... rest can be left to the reader's discretion ... coming to the 'events' ...

... loud shouting woke me up today morning... and now that i am wiser from the other important events that happened later in the day, i can ignore the rabble rousers of the morning... i was on phone when i was supposed to catch an auto or bus to office... and when i was done with the phone call i realised i was running with very little margin to reach office... however i did reached JIT ... while most of the shift was on 'Autopilot' ... it was a call from RPR (who also happens to be my landlord) at around 1715 hrs that delivered the breaking news... i was with ASD trying to make sense of CRUISE calculations... and when RPR told me that our appraisal letters are arriving in our Inboxes... i quickly did a remote login to access my inbox... and there it was... "APAC update"! ... :)

... as they say ... money is a great sweetener and it won't make u diabetic either ... a reasonably good 10% hike is wat i got... the fine print is that our salary increase was 'frozen' from past one year and these increments will be applicable from Jan 2010... but hey! ... whoz complaining... infact we celebrated at our newly opened cafeteria... and boy oh boy! i am feeling so happy! ... i wish i could be with my family... :)


  1. whats up with these abbreviations.. Is it that am ignorant of these (plz dont make fun of me for that) or is it that it is beyond my understanding and they hold a secretive meaning..

    I got a 10% raise abt 7 months back and since then it has been stagnant.. :(

  2. happy to help :)
    JIT- just in time
    RPR/ASD - initials of my colleagues
    CRUISE - veh performance prediction software
    APAC- any update on Asia Pacific region comes from that ID

    i didn't left any more?

  3. yay..!! I knew one of them.. JIT.. just that I couldnt really link it.. :(