Thursday, November 12, 2009

..."In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person"...

... as they say "the only permanent thing is change" ... it was a change that made my day today... first of all i woke up to find that there was no power cut despite being the 'off' day of the week... so when i saw that mosquito repellent light glowing at 7 in the morning, i couldn't stop that smile cracking on my face... and then even though my wireless stopped working ... thanks to the thunderstorm and mild showers in late nite ... i wasn't complaining... and then the moment i stepped out of my place i saw the shadows all over the roadside and i knew what it meant... sunshine! and boy-oh-boy i love that... short walk to the bus stop and there it was... in all His glory, the warmth so comforting that for a moment i forgot i am standing on roadside... it was windy okay but for those few seconds when i kept standing there with my eyes closed and facing the Sun i let my thoughts go for a break... and before i could understand why the traffic is less i got the auto for my destination... it is thursday! ... weekly off!! ... all the local industries are closed and so the roads are all clear for 0-100 dash... and the partial cloudy sky was making it even more alluring!

... and then just before the lunch i got the second surprise (or was it a change again?) ... Sharya came and told me that he has the keys of MK-II and he needs to drive down to H-9 for some parts for a test vehicle updation... which meant that i had to drive ... and u know that how much i am falling in love with four-wheeler driving in past few weeks... now it's a different story that we ended up with first gen Grande instead of the MK-II as envisaged... anyways... i drove for the better part of the day and thanks to our excitement... we ended up on the washing pit ... cleaned the vehicle as well and then just when it was time to climb down and park the vehicle and go to enjoy the (delicious?) patties ... we realised that the vehicle has slid on the ramp and being on slope i could not drive it up in a straight line and then drive down safely from the ramp...

... so few frantic calls were made to the expert drivers and help arrived in next 5 minutes ... with few laughs and cracking jokes ... i was back on the driver's seat and once the vehicle was parked; patties were devoured with sea of tea... it was such a wonderful day... productive? ... well it's late in nite ... and ninni wale baba mere dwaare khade hain! ... jisne bheja wo to apne roomie ko saavdhaan bol rahi hai! and waiting for Children's Day... well... as i said... it's late! and u know what that means!

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