Wednesday, September 23, 2009

".. | .-- .- ... | ... .. -. -.-. . .-. . | .- -. -.. | ... .... . | .-- .- ... | ... --- .-. .-. -.-- "

... at least it works for the title! the Morse code i mean... the original plan for today was pretty straight forward... after waking up ... and after morning routine chores i will go to office... Spicy being on leave will not be there... i will do my KPI related follow-up and then in the evening, Naresh and I will visit the showroom and it was going just the way it was planned till Naresh came to pick me up from office sans his laptop...
AY: "wherez ur laptop?"
NK: "i will give it after Dussera."
AY: "so watz the plan now?"
NK: "we will go to ur room, just like that!"
AY: "okies!" (argh!!!)

and then three hours, two hot cuppa tea and snacks and 5GB of data transfer later he was off to his room and me in front of this lappy writing this post! :) ... once in a while it feels great ...

although the fact that i am still not able to loosen my purse strings for the things i have craving for... is killing me... the thing is that i am so eagerly waiting for my diwali vacation that i just don't feel like doing anything or going for shopping... so here i am sitting in my room... watching movies and more movies and listening music that i have been listening from around a year... basically i am on some kinda 'auto pilot' ... and it's big day tomorrow... should i try some trick? or just a plain 'wish'??

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