Tuesday, September 8, 2009

... "I am the Travel Girl... I travel Around the World... The only friend I have is the one that picks me next" ...

...i ended up searching some very cool advanced car driving videos on the youtube yesterday ... and then i ended up with this video where the background score was a pacy 'dance-party' song with loads of high pitch 'trance' music... the video quality was poor and actually it was a 'collection' of several videos already available on the youtube... what immediately caught my attention was the background score... i immediately googled the lyrics and bingo! there it was... and u can get it here... i hope u like it... a word of caution though... the lyrics contain one F word... u have been warned...

... this week started with bio-clock-wrecker-second-shift, this was fun earlier when i was very much into the pro-E and virtual mechanism building and analysis, the work was never appreciated and so i lost interest ... the result? i ended up with more regular shift work of interacting with loads of other departments that make up our ERC... however now facing the manpower crunch and space crunch and system crunch and crunch[:)] ... and with only two people responsible for the vehicle integration of the legendary vehicle from the stables of Tata Motors... it's getting a weary!...

...so to keep my mind off the boring office life and almost non-existent social life... i do wat i feel like doing ... i blog! (sheh! innovative eh?) ... and sometimes i dance ... okies ... ignore that coz i do that with all the doors and windows closed and preferably at nite! with lights off!!!... so that no one can see! ... 'hidden talent' as i call it ... and then of-course i am just waiting for the spark ... similar to the last time wen i ended up with about 5K worth of shopping within 15minutes! ... it was worth it ... and now i NEED to do it! ... but with my diwali vacation plans i just don't feel like doing anything!! ... except something like this...


  1. I have this track! http://vkontakte.ru/id8968616

  2. Hitch Nike - Travel Girl

  3. Was viewing the same clip on youtube and googled the lyrics and found your site. Thanx mate! =)

  4. Btw here it is -