Friday, September 25, 2009

..."We need smart, intelligent, innovative, energetic people. anyone in the room with these qualities?"...

... the word leadership will create more or less a similar mental picture to most of the educated gentry of my generation... or any generation for that matter... and it is addictive... the quality i mean... a good leader can do a lot more than just lead a bunch of people... She can provide comfort... she can be the friend you can always talk to... or the sounding board you never had... she can represent every that quality you don't have and you aspire for... and yet the school teacher who will make you stand outside the class if you were late from your 'games period' ... and will call you back when she realises that the principal is on the round... a leader is the one whom you might forget after a while and yet will recall with a smile on ur face and the context that made this whole thing memorable... making others curious...

... why is that it is so difficult to be nice and generous and inspiring to other people... you have more reasons to be like that if u are surrounded by people who care for you and you care for them... and there are still more reasons to behave like that when you are surrounded by strangers... why be rude when you know you might never see or meet or talk to this person ever again? ... why is that the basic instinct of humans is not to respond with anger or rage every time they see a stranger ... like dogs? or cats? or i dunno... monkeys? ... there has to be some reason that we have inherited some genes that make us the humans so prone to humility by that smile the look or that body language that shouts "i won't harm you, come to me and give me a hug" ...

... it was quite fun attending the meeting of 'Mr. Ambardekar' ... at least for the first few minutes... and when the firing started... well.. everyone was running for the cover... actually the meeting started without him and the man behind the 90mm was 'Mr. Krishna' ... and just when the dust settled and everyone was licking wounds and hoping for the meeting to get over so that they can enjoy the lunch on this beautiful friday afternoon... Mr. Ambardekar made a dash in that conference room... and those 20 minutes cannot be captured in this frame... u have to be there ... right there... to understand... to start aspiring again... to start dreaming again...

maybe i told you right from the start
you can have me
but you can't have my heart
it's easy enough to say but i couldn't care less
ya i mighta told you you were on my mind
guess i talked a pretty good line
but hey i can talk all day
but i just can't confess

that i'm a liar

i'm a victim of desire
i'm a moth into the fire
i'm over my head - forget what i said
tell ya i'm a liar
i'm just walking on the wire
i couldn't get much higher
i'm over my head - forget what i said
baby i'm a liar

when i told you i was hard to pin down

ya know i was just messin around
guess you know by now that's just my way
and if you want some stories - well i got a few
but hey - this is the truth i swear to you
how many more times do you want me to say...

if i told ya to go away
baby you can't believe a thing i say

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