Thursday, September 10, 2009

... I am One of the 4000 Points of Light ... I am Proud of Myself! ...

... and of course i am happy that i achieved this feat on 09/09/09 ... it wud have gone the regular way ... tomorrow ... tomorrow and may be tomorrow ... but then something struck ... i realized the amazing power of self motivation... i told myself that it is 9th day of the 9th month of year 2009... and just imagine the how it wud feel to get the Brand Ambassador Certificate on 09.09.09... and that was it! i took the pre-assessment again just to make sure and then took the course again ... this time to make the notes on my weak areas ... i was expecting the final assessment to be like the one for the TCoC... deliberately confusing and with loads of ethical dilemmas... and guess what? ... it was a piece of cake! ... and i love cakes btw! ... i have been thinking of giving this assessment since past 9 days ... trust me it's not a coincidence! ... and i never planned to give it on 9.9.9 ... just happened that there i am... on 09/09/09... happy today that my Business partner is now on my professional connection list and then happy that i had a chat with her about the all important KPI's for the next year... and of course happy that i test drove Tata Nano yesterday AND Sumo Grande today (two actually!) ... and it's always fun to drive vehicles that you are working on... and at the end of the 9th day of the 9th month of 2009 ... err... beginning actually... me being in second shift remember? ... i am going thru the day's tasks and the screen reminder pops up about this assessment... so i did what i should have done today... and now i am happy again! :) and of course 9.9.9 is still to end all the way!

and then we happened to visit to Bay-zero after the dinner and one of the vehicle that was being prepped up was the Project [name confidential] ... and boy-oh-boy! ... my pre-conceived notions about the ugly and bulky rear was shattered!! ... what an absolute beauty she is! and the dash is uber... the dials fit in the scheme perfectly ... and it's the color that catches ur attention... if someone removes the badge from the vehicle ... u will have hard time guessing the name of the manufacturer!! ... unless u are a curious observer of the automobiles ... and i was impressed with the fit and finish of the product ... spent some time inside the vehicle ... leg room is sufficient ... the boot space is enormous... i only wish it was in market... but hey! ... by the time it will be in market ...i will be shopping around as well! :) now that's called timing! ...
so now to finish this blog entry that i started on 09/09/09 ... lemme think of 9 good things that happened to me on 09/09/09 :)

1) i woke up @ 12 in the afternoon and it was a refreshing sleep.
2) i was able to sit in front of my thinkpad till i was really late and still reached office in time.
3) i cud still grab one vada-pav as my brunch and tea.
4) i discussed about how to set my KPI's for next year with my HR business partner.
5) i enjoyed the vada-sambar with tea in evening snacks.
6) i got to drive fully laden Sumo Grande.
7) i got to drive fully laden Sumo Grande again. trust me! (do u think this is cheating?)
8) i was already happy that points 6 and 7 happened! (this may be cheating! :P )
9) i finished the Brand Ambassador Assessment with 100% marks!!!!

i can go-on and on about the good things that happened to me today... but then it's already 10th September! darn! and hey! i was thinking about my blog inspiration and guess what? ... ;)

late inputs: chk out this link and then this one as well ... Vikz u rock! :) and i am wondering who the heck is Monu?...

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