Sunday, September 6, 2009

"A Commitment maybe based on Emotions..But the Strategy and Excution is Pure Cold Logic"

... my daily routine, thanks to the recent pandemic in the city, has turned into that of a lazy boring snail... now i don't hold any grudges against snails... they are lovely creatures... and i am trying hard not to laugh! ... and apart form the lazy routine that i have been forced into, i guess i am on the path of losing a good friend... (after snapping ties with her on FB and Orkut) ... now one huge problem with my PR with people who don't know me is that they tend to think/believe that i intrude into their space pretty fast... hmmm.... wudn't it be nice if they cud simply say that... i guess it's tough to be that rude on someone's face... but then why cringe later and do the back stabbing?? ... neways...

i must put down few dates here... June 23, 2006 ... i shld be able to recall what happened then... it's not important but still :) ... and i guess another date wud be January 10, 2009... third shld be August 31, 2009 ... and let's hope i find some more interesting 'dates to remember' ... ummm... January 06 (year is not important u c!) ... now tht's enough for today... i am already bored! waaaaaaaaaaat a boring Sunday! :)

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